Mysia, Parion (5th century BCE)

Mysia, Parion (5-4th century BCE)

AR Drachm, 3,32 g, 11 mm

Av: Gorgoneion

Rv: Quadratum Incusum


Ref: SNG France 1344

79,00 €

C. Servilius M.f., 136 BC, Denarius

C. Servilius M.f., 136 BC

AR Denarius, 3.78 g, 21 mm

Mint: Rome

Obverse: head of Roma

Reverse: Castor and Pollux

very fine+

Ref: Cr. 239/1.

138,00 €

C. Vibius C.f. PANSA (90 BCE) Apollo, Minerva on Quadriga

C. Vibius C.f. PANSA (90 BCE) 

AR Denarius, 3,95 g, 18 mm 

Mint: Rome

Av: Head of Apollo to right

Rv: Minerva on Quadriga 

near extremely fine 

Ref: Cr. 342/5b.

110,00 €

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus (76-75 BCE)

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus (76-75 BCE)

AR Denarius, 3,64 g, 17 mm

Mint: Spain (?)

Av: GPR; Head of Genius Populi Romani right, sceptre behind

Rv:LENT CVR X FL; Globe flanked by sceptre with wreath and rudder

very fine+, punch, well toned!

Ref: Cr. 393/1a; Syd. 752.

110,00 €

C. Hosidius Geta (64 BCE), boar

C. Hosidius Geta (64 BCE)

AR Denarius, 3,78 g, 17 mm

Mint: Rome

Av: Bust of Diana with a tiara, bow and quiver

Rv: Boar attacked by hound, standing right, spear in flank.

very fine+, well toned!

Ref: Cr. 407/2; Syd. 903.

340,00 €

Civil war, Marc Anton & Octavian (37 BCE), Thessalonike

Civil war, Marc Anton & Octavian (37 BCE) 

Æ, 23,50 g, 27 mm

Mint: Thessalonike

Av: Bust of Eleutheria

Rv: Nike with a wreath and palm branch

n. VF

Ref: RPC 1551; SNG Copenhagen 374; BMC 62.

90,00 €

Augustus (27 BCE - 14 CE) Colonia Patricia, CAPRICORN

Augustus (27 BCE - 14 CE)

AR Denarius, 3,79 g, 18 mm

Mint: unknown spanish mint Colonia Patricia? 18-16 CE

Av: Bare head right

Rv: Capricorn right, with globus attached to rudder between hooves; cornucopia above.

near extremely fine, fine style!

Ref: RIC 126.

an musti

0,00 €

Tiberius (14-37) "Tribute Penny" Top!

Tiberius (14-37) "Tribute Penny" - attractive portrait!

AR Denarius, 3.72 g, 18 mm

Mint: Lugdunum

Obverse: head facing right

Reverse: Livia/Pax sitting right

near EF

Ref: RIC 30.

0,00 €

Claudius for ANTONIA (41-54) Dupondius

Claudius for ANTONIA  (41-54)

Æ Dupondius, 16.72 g, 29 mm

Mint: Rome

Obverse: head facing right

Reverse: Claudius holding Simpulum


Ref: RIC 92.

110,00 €

Hadrian (117-138) AE As, MAURETANIA

Hadrian (117-138)

AE As, 11.14 g, 25 mm

Mint: Rome

Emperor beside horse, MAURETANIA

very fine, Rare

Ref: RIC 860.

98,00 €

Antoninus Pius (138-161), clasped hands, Caduceus

Antoninus Pius (138-161)

AR Denarius, 3,38 g, 17 mm

Mint: Rome, 146

Av: ANTONINVS - AVG PIVS P P, laureate bust right

Rv: COS IIII, clasped hands holding caduceus between corn-ears

near Mint State! TOP!

Ref: RIC 136.

270,00 €

Didius Julianus (193) Denarius, RECTOR ORBIS

Didius Julianus (193)

AR Denarius, 2.86 g, 16 mm

Mint: Rome, 193

Obverse: head facing right

Reverse: RECTOR ORBIS, emperor in toga

very fine, good detailed head! Very Rare!

Ref: RIC 3

0,00 €

Diadumenianus (217-218) Denarius

Diadumenianus (217-218)

AR Denarius, 3.42 g, 20 mm

Mint: Rome

Obverse: bust facing right

Reverse: Caesar stands next to standards.

very fine

Ref: RIC 102.

420,00 €

Julia Mamaea (222-235) Juno

Julia Mamaea (222-235 n. u. Z.)

Æ Sestertius, 21.43 g, 29 mm

Mint: Rome

Av: Draped bust right, wearing stephane

Rv: Juno seated left, holding flower and infant

very fine

Ref: RIC 683.

140,00 €

Orbiana (225) Denarius, Concordia

Orbiana (225)

AR Denarius, 3.77 g, 18 mm

Mint: Rome

Av: bust facing right

Rv: Concordia enthroned to the left, holding bowl and cornucopia.

very fine

Ref: RIC 319.

190,00 €

Gordianus III. (238-244) Virtus

Gordianus III. (238-244)

AR Antoninianus, 5,29 g, 23 mm

Mint: Rome

Av: Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right

Rv: Virtus standing left, holding spear and resting hand on shield

extremely fine +

Ref: RIC 6.

125,00 €

Gordianus III. (238-244) Æ Sestertius

Gordianus III. (238-244)

Æ Sestertius, 18,05 g, 28 mm

Mint: Rome

Av: Bust to right

Rv: Jupiter standing facing, head to right, holding sceptre and thunderbolt

very fine - attractive patina!

Ref: RIC 299a.

78,00 €

Philippus I. Arabs (244-249) Saecular Games, Lion

Philippus I the Arab (244-249) Saecular Games

AR Antoninianus, 3.94 g, 23 mm

Mint: Rome, 244

Obverse: portrait facing right

Reverse: Lion


Ref: RIC 12.

178,00 €

Philippus I. Arabs (244-249) Sestertius

Philippus I. Arabs (244-249)

Æ Sestertius, 13,81 g, 27 mm

Mint: Rome

Av: Bust  to right

Rv: Four standards, S C

near extremely fine, beautiful patina!

Ref: RIC 171a.

185,00 €

Hostilian (251), Rome

Hostilian (251)

Æ Antoninianus, 3,19 g, 22 mm 

Mint: Rome

Av: Radiate bust to right. 

Rv: Mars advancing right, holding spear and shield.

Ref.: RIC 177b.

0,00 €

Aurelianus (270-275) , Concordia

Aurelianus (270-275)

AE Antoninianus, 3,77 g, 22 mm

Mint: Siscia

Av: Bust to right

Rv: Aurelianus and Concordia clapsing hands

90,00 €

Aurelianus (270-275) , Victoria

Aurelianus (270-275)

AE Denarius, 1,99 g, 19 mm

Mint: Rome

Av: Laurate bust to r.

Rv: Victoria to l. with wreath and branch, in front a captive.

65,00 €

Probus (276-282) Fides

Probus (276-282) 

Æ Antoninianus, 3,84 g, 21 mm

Av: Radiate and cuirassed bust to right

Rv: Fides

95,00 €

Probus (276-282)

Probus (276-282) 

Æ Antoninianus, 3,27 g, 23 mm 

Mint: Rome

Av: Radiate, helmeted and cuirassed bust to left, holding spear over right shoulder, shield on left arm

Rv: Roma temple

extremely fine

110,00 €

Probus (276-282) Sol in quadriga frontal

Probus (276-282) 

Æ Antoninianus, 3,82 g, 23 mm


Av: Bust to right

Rv: Sol in quadriga frontal

very fine +


85,00 €

Numerianus (283-284), Pietas

Numerianus (283-284)

AE Antoninianus, 2,91 g, 24 mm 

Mint: Lugdunum

Av: Bust to right 

Rv: Pietas standing to right

95,00 €

Maximianus I. Herculius (286-305) Lugdunum, Salus

Maximianus I. Herculius (286-305) 

Æ Antoninian, 4,35 g, 22 mm 

Mint: Lugdunum

Av: Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust to right.

Rv: Salus standing right, feeding serpent held in arms

extremely fine, fine Details, nice silvering! 

Ref.: RIC 422.

95,00 €

Maximianus I. Herculius (286-305) Jupiter

Maximianus I. Herculius (286-305) 

Æ Antoninianus, 2,98 g, 22 mm 

Mint: Rome

Av: Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust to right.

Rv: Jupiter with scepter and thunderbolt


110,00 €

Maximianus I. Herculius (286-305) Antiochia

Maximianus I Herculius (286-305)

AE Follis, 9,05 g, 28 mm

Mint: Antiochia

Obverse: Laureate head to right

Reverse: Genius holding patera and cornucopia

85,00 €

Carausius (286-293), Pax

Carausius (286-293)

Æ Antoninianus, 4,25 g, 20 mm

Mint: Londinium (287-290)

Av: Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust to right

Rv: Pax standing to left, holding olive branch and sceptre

very fine

Ref: RIC 895.

98,00 €

Constantinus I. (307-337) Nicomedia, Campgate

Constantinus I. (307-337)

Æ Follis, 2,63 g, 19 mm

Mint: Nicomedia, 328-329

Av: Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust to right

Rv: Campgate with no doors and two turrets; above star.

extremely fine, excellent style!

Ref: RIC 156.

120,00 €

Constantinus I. (307-337) Trier, Altar

Constantinus I. (307-337)

Æ Follis, 3,26 g, 20 mm

Mint: Trier, 322

Av: Helmeted and cuirassed bust to right

Rv: Globe set on altar inscribed VOTIS XX in three lines; three stars above; PTR• in exergue

extremely fine, attractive style, sharp details!

Ref: RIC 341.

95,00 €

Constantinus I. (306-337) Trier, Altar

Constantinus I. (306-337)

Æ Follis, 3,49 g, 19 mm 

Mint: Trier

Av: Cuirassed bust to right

Rv: Globe on Altar

Extremely Fine!

sharp details!

140,00 €

Constantine II. (317-337) Arles, Lagertor

Constantine II. (317-337)

Æ Follis, 3,12 g, 18 mm

Mint: Arles, 325/26


EF, great style!

Ref: RIC 289.

198,00 €

Maximinus II. (311-313), Heraclea

Maximinus II. (311-313)

Æ Follis, 4,55 g, 23  mm 

Mint: Heraclea

Av: Laureate head to right

Rv: Jupiter standing naked to left, the mantle over his shoulder, holding globe in his right hand and long scepter in his left hand; wreath in lower left field.

very fine,  RRR!

Ref.: RIC 69 A var.

180,00 €

Vetranio (350) great portrait!

Vetranio (350)

Æ Maiorina, 5,01 g, 22 mm

Mint: Siscia

Av: Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust to right

Rv: Emperor in military dress standing facing, holding labarum in each hand; A in left field

extremely fine, great portrait!

Ref: RIC 290.

220,00 €

Julian II. Apostate (360-363), Victoria

Julian II. Apostata (360-363)

AR Siliqua, 1,72 g, 16 mm

Mint: Lugdunum

Av: Bust to right

Rv: Victoria with wrath


100,00 €

Julian II. Apostate (360-363)

Julian II. Apostate (360-363)

Æ, 3,13 g, 20 mm

Mint: Sirmium

Obverse: Bust to left with lance and shield

Reverse: VOT/X/MVLT/XX in wreath

70,00 €

Phrygia. KOTIAEION, Gallienus (253-268) Kybele

Phrygia. KOTIAEION, Gallienus (253-268)

Æ, 6.58 g, 23 mm

Diogenes, son of Dion(...), city archon

Av: ΑΥΤ Κ Π Λ - ΓΑΛΛΙΗΝΩΝ, laureate and draped bust to right.

Rv: ΕΠΙ ΔΙΟΓΕΝΟΥ ΔΙΟΝΥ / Α-Ρ/Χ / ΚΟΤΙΑΕΩΝ, Kybele on lion to right.

very fine, Rare!

Ref: SNG Cop 342.

80,00 €

Gallienus (253-268) Bagis, MEDALLION

Gallienus (253-268) Homonoia with Temenothyrae!

Æ MEDALLION!, 28.27 g, 38 mm

Mint: Bagis

Obverse: bust facing right.

Rv: Mên standing facing right, resting his right foot on a helmet, holding pine cones and sceptre, opposite is Tyche von Bagis, who holds a cornucopia and oar

good fine, Very Rare!

Ref: BMC 54-6.

225,00 €

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CILICIA. Seleucia ad Calycadnus, Philip I. (244-249) Apollo, Artemis-Tyche

CILICIA. Seleucia ad Calycadnus, Philip I. (244-249) 

AE, 25,02 g, 34 mm

Av: Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Philip I to right.

Rv: On the left, draped bust of Artemis-Tyche to right, wearing polos and with a cornucopiae behind, facing, on the right, laureate and draped bust of Apollo to left, with laurel branch before.

very fine, unrestored

Ref: SNG BN 1040. SNG Levante 778.

80,00 €

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Pisidia, ANTIOCHIA. Gordian III. (238-244) two Victories

Pisidia, ANTIOCHIA. Gordian III. (238-244)

AE, 23,71 g, 34 mm

Av.: IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust to right

Rv.: CAES ANTIOCH COL / S R, two Victories hanging a shield on palm tree, two captives below.

very fine, fine green patina!

Ref: SNG Aul. 4961; Krzyzanowska XXI / 93; RPC online ID 3303.

0,00 €

Gordianus III. (238-244) Nemesis

Gordianus III. (238-244)

Æ, 12,83 g, 28 mm

Mzst: Nicolpolis ad Istrum

Av: Büste n. r.

Rv: NEMESIS steht n. l., hält Stab und Trense, dahinter Wagenrad.

s.sch.+/VF+, schöne grüne Patina!

Ref: Varbanov 4209 var.

95,00 €

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Moesia Inferior, TOMIS. Gordian III. (238-244) Ares

Moesia Inferior, TOMIS. Gordian III. (238-244)

AE, 11.51 g, 26 mm

Vs.: ΑΥΤ Κ Μ ΑΝΤ Γ-ΟΡΔΙΑΝΟΣ ΑΥΓ, laureate bust to right

Rs.: ΜΗΤΡΟ ΠΟΝΤΟΥ ΤΟΜΕ/Ω/Σ, Ares standing left, holding shield and spear, Δ in left field.

very fine + 

fine green patina! Rare!

Ref: AMNG II,1 34153416; Varbanov, GIC I 5537; RPC online ID 28218.

170,00 €

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Pupienus (238 n.u.Z.) AE Medallion, Extremely Rare!

Pupienus (238 n.u.Z.)

AE Medallion, 21,21 g, 35 mm

Mzst: Kilikien, Tarsos

Av: bust right

Rv: heads of Balbienus, Pupienus and Gordian III.

n. VF, Extremely Rare!

Ref: SNG BN 1634 korr.; SNG CH 1117 korr.

0,00 €

Ionia, EPHESUS, Julia Mamaea (222-235)

Julia Mamaea (222-235)

AE, 11,29 g, 29 mm

Mint.: Ionia, EPHESUS


Diademed and draped bust right.


Sacred covered wagon drawn by two mules.

fine+, Rare!

Ref.: Karwiese 809 (V5/R18); BMC -; SNG von Aulock -.

85,00 €

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Diadumenian (217-218) Nikopolis, Nemesis

Diadumenian (217-218)

Æ, 13,27 g, 27 mm

Mint: Nikopolis

Av: Μ ΟΠΕΛΛΙ ΔΙΑΔΟΥ-ΜΕΝΙΟΣ Κ, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right

Rv: ΥΠ ΣΤΑ ΛΟΝΓΙΝΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟΣ ΙΣ, Nemesis-Dikaiosyne standing facing, head left, holding scales and sceptre; wheel at feet

very fine+, nice darkgreen patina!

Ref: Varbanov, GIC I 3740.

0,00 €

Moesia Inferior, NIKOPOLIS. Macrinus (217-219) triumphal quadriga

Moesia Inferior, NIKOPOLIS. Macrinus (217-219)

AE, 12,70 g, 28 mm

Marcus Claudius Agrippa, consular legate

Av: ΑΥ Κ ΟΠΠΕΛ ΣΕΥΗ ΜΑΚΡΙΝΟΣ, laureate and cuirassed bust to right, wearing aegis on shoulder.

Rv: ΥΠ ΑΓΡΙΠΠΑ ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛ/ΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟΣ ΙΣΤΡΟ, Emperor in triumphal quadriga to right, led by soldier holding vexillum; in upper field, trophy with two seated captives at base.

very fine, good patina! Rare!

Ref: AMNG I 1, 1712; Varbanov, GIC I 3405.

220,00 €

Thracia, AUGUSTA TRAIANA. Caracalla (197-217) Dionysos

Thracia, AUGUSTA TRAIANA. Caracalla (197-217) 

Æ Pentassarion, 18.45 g, 30 mm

 Av.: ΑΥΤ Κ Μ ΑΥΡΗ ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟΣ, laureate head

RV.: ΑΥΓΟΥΣΤΗΣ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΗΣ, Dionysos standing front, head to left, holding kantharos in his right hand and thyrsos in his left; at feet to left, panther seated left

 very fine +, good green patina! Rare!

Ref: Varbanov GIC II 1117.

180,00 €

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Septimius Severus (193-211) Pisidia, Antiochia

Septimius Severus (193-211)

Æ, 4,70 g, 22 mm

Mint: Antiochia

Av: Radiate head right

Rv: Tyche standing left, holding branch and cornucopia.

very fine+

Ref: Cf. CNG E-346, 250.

78,00 €

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Commodus (177-192) Alexandria, Tetradrachm, Athena

LYDIA. Hierocaesarea.

Commodus (177-192). Ae. P. Sex. Philippos, Archon

AE, 30,49 g, 40 mm

Av: ΑVΤ Κ Λ ΑVΡΗ ΚΟΜΜΟΔΟС. Bust to r., punch

Rv: ЄΠΙ ΑΡΧ Π СЄΖ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ Τ Β / ΙЄΡΟΚΑΙСΑЄΩΝ. Artemis Persica and Tyche in Biga , leaded by Perseus.


90,00 €

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Antoninus Pius (138-161) AE Hemiassarion, Philippopolis

Antoninus Pius (138-161)

AE Hemiassarion, 4.25 g, 19 mm

Mint: Thrace, Philippopolis

Mars holding spear

very fine

Ref: Varbanov 747 (Mars); RPC online 7445.

60,00 €

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Pisidia, Antiochia. Marcus Aurelius Caesar (138-161)

Marcus Aurelius Caesar (138-161)

Æ, 4,82 g, 18 mm

Mint: Antiochia

Av: Head to right

Rv: Roman She-wolf standing right, suckling the twins Romulus and Remus.

near extra fine, nice Portrait!

Ref: Krzyzanowska Marcus Aurelius, Taf. IV, Av. IV / Rv. 15. R

98,00 €

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Hadrian (117-138) AE, TIBERIOPOLIS

Hadrian (117-138)

AE, 2.67 g, 16 mm


Obverse: bust with aureole facing right

Reverse: Apollo holding Lyra and branch

Near VF

- Very Rare!

Ref: RPC III 2515.

85,00 €

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Egypt. Alexandria, Trajan (98-117) Dichalkon, Crown of Isis

Trajan (98-117)

Æ, Dichalkon 1,51 g, 14 mm

Mint: Alexandria

Av: Head to right

Rv: Crown of Isis

very fine, darkgreen patina, sand patina, Rare!

Ref: Dattari 1097.

48,00 €

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Titus Caesar (69-79) Ancyra, Mên

Titus Caesar (69-79)

Æ Diassarion, 9,04 g, 26 mm

Mint: Galatia. Ancyra

Av: AY KAIΣAP TITOΣ ΣEBAΣTOΣ, laureate head of Titus to right

Rv: ΣEBAΣTHNΩN TEKTOΣAΓΩN Mên standing left, holding patera in his right hand

very fine, darkgreen patina! Rare!

Ref: SNG von Aulock 6132; RPC II 1620.

165,00 €

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CARIA. Sebastopolis. Vespasian (69-79)

CARIA. Sebastopolis. Vespasian (69-79) Ne- Papias Apolloniou, magistrate.

Æ 5,18 g, 19 mm

Rv.: Laureate head right.

Av.: Facing statue of Artemis Ephesia with supports; star to left, crescent to right.

s.sch./VF - beautiful patina

Ref: RPC II 1240.

85,00 €

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Pampylia. SIDE. Nero (54-68) Athena

Pampylia. SIDE. Nero (54-68)

Æ, 4.67 g, 18 mm

Av: ΝΕΡΩΝ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ, draped bust right.

RV.: Athena advancing left, holding shield in left hand and spear over shoulder; in upper left field, pomegranate. In the right and left field ΣΙΔ-ΗΤ.

very fine

Ref: RPC 3399.

90,00 €

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Britannicus (41-55 CE), Aiolis

Britannicus (41-55) son of Claudius and Messalina.

Chaleos magistrate

Æ Assarion, 3,62 g, 19 mm 

Mint: AIOLIS, Aegae

Av: Bare head of Britannicus right

Rv: Zeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre

fine, R!

Ref: RPC 2431.

70,00 €

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Hispania, Carteia

Hispanien, Carteia (nach 44 BCE)

AE, 4,04 g, 18 mm

Av: Dolphin, trident

Rv: Rudder

140,00 €

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PHRYGIA. Laodicea ad Lycumm, Time of Tiberius (14-37)

PHRYGIA. Laodicea ad Lycum. Pseudo-autonomous. Time of Tiberius (14-37)

AE, 4,03 g, 18 mm

Dioskourides, magistrate.
Obv: ΛΑΟΔΙΚЄΩΝ, Draped bust of Mên right, wearing Phrygian cap and set upon crescent.
Rev: ΔIOΣKOVPIΔHΣ, Eagle standing right, head left; monogram to upper left.
Ref: RPC I 2907; BMC 64-7.

98,00 €

Syrtica, Oea. Julia Augusta (Livia, Augusta, AD 14-29)

Syrtica, Oea (Africa Proconsularis), Livia Augusta (14-29)

Æ As, 7,74 g, 26 mm

Av: Draped bust of Livia

Rv: Helmeted head of Athena l., wearing aegis; neo-Punic WY'T before

very fine - very rare!

Ref: RPC I 835.

260,00 €

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Rhoimetalkes I (11-12 BCE) under AUGUSTUS

Rhoimetalkes I (11-12 BCE) under AUGUSTUS

Æ, 23.00 g, 23.5 mm

Av: the busts of Rhoimetalkes, with diadem, and his wife Pythodoris, draped, side by side to the right

Rv: Head of Augustus to the right


Ref. RPC 1711.

120,00 €

Alexander III. "the Great" (327-320 BCE) Arados

Alexander III. "the Great" (327-320 BCE)

AR Tetradrachm, 17,14 g, 26 mm

Mint:  Arados

Av: Head of Herakles to right, wearing lion skin headdress.

Rv: Zeus seated left on low throne, holding long scepter in his left hand and eagle standing right with closed wings in his right; to left; kerykeion in left field.

good very fine, attractive head!

Ref: Price 3332.

550,00 €

Hephthalites, Gandhara (5-6th century), Napki Malka Type

Hephthalites, "White Huns" (~5.-6th century)

AE/BI Drachm, 3,15 g, 30 mm

Mint: Gandhara

Av: Male bust to r. "NAPKI MALKA" Type

Rv: fire altar between guardian figures with swords.

very fine, attractive bust!

Ref.: Mitchiner 1492.

95,00 €

Artuqids, Quth al-Din, Sukman II, ( AH 584 = AD 1188-1189)

Artuqids, Quth al-Din, Sukman II, ( AH 584 = AD 1188-1189)

AE Dirham, 10,57 g, 29 mm 

Mint: Uncertain mint

Av: Two diademed Roman style male busts in profile, back to back

Rv: Four-lined legend citing the Ayyubid overlord Saladin. 

good fine, Rare!

Ref: S/S 13; Album 1822.2; ICV 1185.

78,00 €