C. Hosidius Geta (64 BCE), boar

C. Hosidius Geta (64 BCE)

AR Denarius, 3,78 g, 17 mm

Mint: Rome

Av: Bust of Diana with a tiara, bow and quiver

Rv: Boar attacked by hound, standing right, spear in flank.

very fine+, well toned!

Ref: Cr. 407/2; Syd. 903.

340,00 €

Augustus (27 BCE - 14 CE) Colonia Patricia, CAPRICORN

Augustus (27 BCE - 14 CE)

AR Denarius, 3,79 g, 18 mm

Mint: unknown spanish mint Colonia Patricia? 18-16 CE

Av: Bare head right

Rv: Capricorn right, with globus attached to rudder between hooves; cornucopia above.

near extremely fine, fine style!

Ref: RIC 126.

an musti

0,00 €

Tiberius (14-37) "Tribute Penny" Top!

Tiberius (14-37) "Tribute Penny" - attractive portrait!

AR Denarius, 3.72 g, 18 mm

Mint: Lugdunum

Obverse: head facing right

Reverse: Livia/Pax sitting right

near EF

Ref: RIC 30.

0,00 €

Didius Julianus (193) Denarius, RECTOR ORBIS

Didius Julianus (193)

AR Denarius, 2.86 g, 16 mm

Mint: Rome, 193

Obverse: head facing right

Reverse: RECTOR ORBIS, emperor in toga

very fine, good detailed head! Very Rare!

Ref: RIC 3

0,00 €

Hostilian (251), Rome

Hostilian (251)

Æ Antoninianus, 3,19 g, 22 mm 

Mint: Rome

Av: Radiate bust to right. 

Rv: Mars advancing right, holding spear and shield.

Ref.: RIC 177b.

0,00 €

Probus (276-282)

Probus (276-282) 

Æ Antoninianus, 3,27 g, 23 mm 

Mint: Rome

Av: Radiate, helmeted and cuirassed bust to left, holding spear over right shoulder, shield on left arm

Rv: Roma temple

extremely fine

110,00 €

Constantinus I. (306-337) Trier, Altar

Constantinus I. (306-337)

Æ Follis, 3,49 g, 19 mm 

Mint: Trier

Av: Cuirassed bust to right

Rv: Globe on Altar

Extremely Fine!

sharp details!

140,00 €

Pisidia, ANTIOCHIA. Gordian III. (238-244) two Victories

Pisidia, ANTIOCHIA. Gordian III. (238-244)

AE, 23,71 g, 34 mm

Av.: IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust to right

Rv.: CAES ANTIOCH COL / S R, two Victories hanging a shield on palm tree, two captives below.

very fine, fine green patina!

Ref: SNG Aul. 4961; Krzyzanowska XXI / 93; RPC online ID 3303.

0,00 €

Diadumenian (217-218) Nikopolis, Nemesis

Diadumenian (217-218)

Æ, 13,27 g, 27 mm

Mint: Nikopolis

Av: Μ ΟΠΕΛΛΙ ΔΙΑΔΟΥ-ΜΕΝΙΟΣ Κ, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right

Rv: ΥΠ ΣΤΑ ΛΟΝΓΙΝΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟΣ ΙΣ, Nemesis-Dikaiosyne standing facing, head left, holding scales and sceptre; wheel at feet

very fine+, nice darkgreen patina!

Ref: Varbanov, GIC I 3740.

0,00 €

Moesia Inferior, NIKOPOLIS. Macrinus (217-219) triumphal quadriga

Moesia Inferior, NIKOPOLIS. Macrinus (217-219)

AE, 12,70 g, 28 mm

Marcus Claudius Agrippa, consular legate

Av: ΑΥ Κ ΟΠΠΕΛ ΣΕΥΗ ΜΑΚΡΙΝΟΣ, laureate and cuirassed bust to right, wearing aegis on shoulder.

Rv: ΥΠ ΑΓΡΙΠΠΑ ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛ/ΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟΣ ΙΣΤΡΟ, Emperor in triumphal quadriga to right, led by soldier holding vexillum; in upper field, trophy with two seated captives at base.

very fine, good patina! Rare!

Ref: AMNG I 1, 1712; Varbanov, GIC I 3405.

220,00 €

CARIA. Sebastopolis. Vespasian (69-79)

CARIA. Sebastopolis. Vespasian (69-79) Ne- Papias Apolloniou, magistrate.

Æ 5,18 g, 19 mm

Rv.: Laureate head right.

Av.: Facing statue of Artemis Ephesia with supports; star to left, crescent to right.

s.sch./VF - beautiful patina

Ref: RPC II 1240.

85,00 €